Ideas Intersecting: Innovation and Design

This online exhibition is a part of

Sydney Design Festival 2019

The following online exhibition explores a single project within the practice of a number of individual designers. Through visually documenting each practitioner’s processes and design methods for a selected project, the exhibition aims to illuminate, and make tangible, the moments in creative practice when seemingly disparate ideas intersect.

The online exhibition is live throughout the duration of Sydney Design Festival 2019. The online format allows the project to address issues of audience accessibility in relation to the design outcomes, and also the audience’s understanding of the intersection of design and innovation.

The online exhibition will be officially launched at an opening night, where visual materials from the exhibition will be projected in large-format. The venue for the official opening night and projection is The Black Box, UNSW Art & Design, Paddington.

A 1 hour panel discussion with the exhibiting practitioners will be held at this event, and will address the intersection of ideas within the works.

Exhibitors Include:

Alia Parker, Bic Tieu, Carly Vickers, Harriet Watts

Alia Parker

Collaborative Un/makings 2019

Bic Tieu

Mapping Floral Imagery 2019

Carly Vickers

Performance Annotations 2019

Harriet Watts

Fibrous Forms 2019